Unraveling the Snake (All rights reserved.)     
Bartłomiej Butlewski - - makes his literary debut with this novel; the next titled "Samozwańczy mediator", (in loose translation "Self-Appointed Mediator") is in preparation.

author's blog: http://wyniegra.mblog.pl
Family: wife and son.
Computer scientist, author, and producer of many computer systems.
Longtime expert court witness, and in this researcher of documents and materials not available to the public.
Standing court mediator, and thus the trustee of human secrets and dramas.
Multiple medalist of the country's swimming competitions for the disabled, participant of many races and sailing camps, bridge player.
Would-be senator.
The possessor of a traditional rural property with inventory that is suitable for use by individuals with disabilities, and thus also for rehabilitation through work, exercise, and contact with the flora and fauna.
The owner of a shapely mare, which he leads to traverse broad meadows and dense forests every Sunday.
Amateur mushroom-picker.