Unraveling the Snake (All rights reserved.)     
Rewelacyjna powie┼Ť─ç Prostowanie w─Ö┼╝a autorstwa Bart│omieja Butlewskiego

Author: Bartłomiej Butlewski
Date Published: March 19, 2010
Publisher: Stowarzyszenie BOSIP (BOSIP Association)
Printed by: Zak┼éad Poligraficzny Mo┼Ť i ┼üuczak sp.j., Pozna┼ä (Mo┼Ť i ┼üuczak Printing Co.)
Pages: 744
ISBN: 978-83-924911-0-1
Dimensions: 15,5 x 21,5 cm
Exterior features: color hardcover, illustrations, size 11 font
Price: 69,99 zł (PLN)

Prostowanie w─Ö┼╝a in loose translation Unraveling the Snake is a novel of manners, designated for an adult audience seeking undeniable amusement, along with the means to come into contact with other views on a number of current issues in society, and not fleeing from encountering experiences, which may shock or put the reader in a state of strong consternation. The reason for this is that unlike generally encountered elsewhere, this novel does not veil or conceal, in a bold and innovative way it reveals carefully kept hidden human habits, customs, and behavioral preferences that are on the border between deep intimacy and freedom from the chains of any erotic prudery. An attentive or frequent reader has, among other things, the ability to trace the origins of the emergence of social pathologies, which when already in bloom are publicized as customarily, widely, and severely condemned, while when perceived as signs of a future evil or a just emerging embryo of degeneration are eagerly swept under the rug of indifference, dismissal, or ignorance. In the background of the leading plot, the reader encounters such examples of life's problems, that on the occurrence of which he had not the slightest idea.

Book for the summer, outumn, winter and ... spring!

"Unraveling the Snake" just won the title for the BEST BOOK FOR THE SUMMER 2010 in the category books of manners and romance on the site Granice.pl.

At the begining of 2011 we tabled at:
Nagroda Literacka Gdynia 2011
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