Unraveling the Snake (All rights reserved.)     

Payment of the amount of 69,99 PLN or a multiple thereof to the following bank account: 96 1160 2202 0000 0000 5810 2367, name of recipient: BOSIP Sp. z.o.o. giving your address and NIP (Tax Identification Number) will result in a prompt answer from us in sending the book/books along with the invoice (in this case the postage costs for orders within the country are borne by the sender, or manufacturer). See how to complete the deposit form.

For individual orders in the first one-thousand copies we guarantee a dedication from the author, as long as the purchaser wishes. We do this still ...

For every order of 5 books of the retail price (or multiples of five books), we throw in a free copy of the sixth.

For wholesale orders (for resale) we apply a negotiable discount. But in such cases do not cover the cost of delivery. Can also consign.

The book is also available in all professional wholesalers throughout the country and on the internet - just type in the phrase "Prostowanie Weza," in loose translation "Unraveling the Snake," and choose the place of purchase.


Stowarzyszenie Bezpartyjnych Orędowników Sprawiedliwości i Prawa
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tel: 501 609 866
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Fax: 618 756 973
E-mail: poczta@bosip.pl
Web address: http://www.bosip.pl/stowarzyszenie/
Bank account No.: 96 1160 2202 0000 0000 5810 2367
Recipient name: BOSIP Sp. z.o.o.

The book is sold from March 19th, 2010, (the name day of Joseph - one of the characters in the novel).

The manufacturer covers the costs of shipping.
For orders of at least 24 copies, you can negotiate the amount of rebate.
Of course, you can ask about the novel "Unraveling the Snake" at any good, reliable bookseller, and above all, you can always buy it at our headquarters - Poznan Romana Maya Str. 18 (orders made by paying into a bank account, via poczta@bosip.pl or allegro). Purchase can also be made in person, paying the fee in cash.

We welcome comments on online forums as well as on poczta@bosip.pl. The more interesting ones we publish on our website under the reviews tab. (Available only in Polish).

We are preparing an audio recording on CD. Read by the author himself. Unfortunately, not done in a sound proof room. It will not be the quality level of an actor, or narrator, for our concern is for the visually impaired or blind. They will certainly get the disc in the price of the book, so free of charge as an addition to the book. Also, if they already purchased book in advance. Somehow we'll check, or believe their word.