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Our contest - quiz

1. Ewa was a passionate photographer. This passion she took over from her mentor - doc. Perhaps because her husband had a slight aversion to snapping pictures. The reluctance deepened after the scandal with his daughter in the lead role.
The release of what kind of photography made Ewa's funeral party more appealing?

2. Tereska had all possible talents: she danced, played, sang. Above all, however, was a gifted athlete who used her position as club leader to accomplish all sorts of extravagance at the swimming pool and sports camps. Her career culminated in a number of medals gained at the national championships, which preceded the birth of Joanna.
What kind of pool sports, next to the swimming, did Tereska practice?

3. Marta is a feminist, young teacher with radical views. She probably didn't like men, which she expressed in a specific way. In any case, she defended her independence like a fortress. Maybe her behavior was a consequence of the rules set down by the family in her dragged out process of being raised.
With who did Marta's fiancée sleep, when he happened to stay in her house?

4. Marysia was an ambitious and highly sensitive person, mismatched to her own family home. She did not like her parents and older siblings. She was ashamed of their rudeness and simplicity. They also treated her as something like the ugly duckling. Despised, neglected, victimized.
Which class did Mary repeat?

5.Sylwek a lucky man, who came out alive from a deadly accident. Though not an angel, people praised him for his specialist skills and sociable nature.
On who did secretly Sylwek crush?

6. Violetta met Joseph through many evenings playing bridge, but actually became closer to him during working on her thesis, which described the discovery and scientific achievements of a known man. It was during providing routine consultations that they have been caught in the act, by Marysia climbing up a tree.
Did Violetta receive a higher education?

7. They sat together at school. Julek was Paweł's muscle, and Paweł his brain. Thanks to Paweł, Julek won over his desired girl. He was able pay him back. It was enough when Paweł hinted that someone is a hindrance to him, and Julek solved the problem. Julek was a gangster who ended badly.
What did Paweł "inherit" from his friend Julek?

8. This girl seemed to be a refuge of decency. In general, she was straightforward and collected. She knew what she wants and with who she wants to keep company. Often she let others bribe her. But at times she changed in a cruel shrew who, by hook or by crook, could release an avalanche of god knows where and when accumulated hatred.
Which board game did Elka destroy, when angered beyond the borders of repentance?

9. The ranger is an uncompromising man of very wide interests and abilities. He liked to work, do business, and wanted every woman. In addition to clerical duties he also ran the farm.
What stock did the ranger breed?

10. Kaśka, though older, has always been dominated by Ewa, who with a maniac's stubbornness forced her to overcome any natural teenage qualms. Kaśka, caring for her sister like a mother, constantly succumbed to Ewa's numerous suggestions and fancies and imitated her imposing, challenging lifestyle.
What was the trauma from childhood, for which Kaśka blamed her deceased younger sister?

11. Ewa was a rather faithful wife, though appearances can be deceiving. She still flirted, irritated men, provoked. She was defiant. In any case she assured Paweł that she never had anyone else. Paweł believed it, but the sometimes repressed jealousy tormented his soul.
How many times did Ewa cheat on Paweł?

12. Tereska is a very nice girl, even too much. Many consider that she exceeded the bounds of decency. But did she break the law?
What was found to be Tereska's conflict with the law?

13. Grandma Teresa is a model of human virtues. A life full of sufferings and privations evolved into happiness in the bosom of a successful family created by her resourceful, though disabled son. But her end was tragic.
Who killed grandmother Teresa?

14. The mediator effectively performed his task. In a satisfying manner, he led both parties to a settlement, which prevented the protracting criminal and escalating civil litigation. It seems that the mediator is someone unknown. Are you sure?
What was the name of a mediator appointed to run the criminal case against Paweł, where the victim was Barbara?

15. At the wake, a pile-up occurred induced by the indecorous behavior of a few children. Both the girl and the boy, are growing up in during the course of the novel. They expose their character and principles, which guide their lives.
Did the children who caused chaos during the wake, associated with the collapse of a waiter carrying a tureen of soup, after many years have an affair?

16. Everyone has sins on their conscience. Even refined people have had a somewhat repugnant past. Although, it is perhaps a too harsh assessment.
For what was Joseph criminally removed from the health resort?

17. Put away your stress and send it off for export ... somewhere at the end of the world. Assessment of a situation requires calmness and prudence. Dear God save me from friends, because with the enemies I can manage. These types of commandments were foreign to Edek who trusted traitors, and destroyed people who were favorable to him.
Why did Edek act unwisely, throwing his mother-in-law out of the house?

18. Participating in government elections is a right and a civic duty. But the organizer of national elections is obliged to ensure the voter an opportunity to take part in them. Sometimes creating a hasty ordination of greater or lesser comfort in access to the ballot box becomes a strategic or unthinking element of control on voter turnout.
Why didn't Paweł usually participate in the election?

19. Karolek is a smart guy, though somewhat insecure. He loved to travel long distances without a goal. Maybe he inherited an interest in various inventions after his grandfather. At one point he became delighted with his hated up until now cousin.
Did Karolek like horses?

20. Often, by accident a political ignoramus becomes parliamentarian. This was the case of a professor who may have owed his electoral success to the charm and power of persuasion or influence of his goddaughter.
What came down to an effective political program of the professor-senator?

21. An important invention developed under the guidance of the professor and his subsequent modifications ensured fame and success for Józef. The idea was brilliant in its simplicity, because it allowed for the selection of natural vegetable waste for practical, further use.
What was Józef's invention concerned with?

22. The ranch is one of the important places in the novel. Located in the midst of a dense forest with access to the lake it serves followers of naturism. There are often guests. The hosts serve them a lot of attractions. The spacious house is tastefully decorated in a village-hunting style.
Motifs of which various animals adorn the four seats in Paweł's ranch.

23. Doc was an enterprising scientist with an advanced career. Unfortunately, he was destroyed by an unfulfilled love and addiction. Ultimately, the end of his life was a result of a misunderstanding caused by the unjustified jealousy on one hand, and excessive friendly zeal on the other.
In what field of computer science did doc specialize?

NOTE. We anticipate an award in the form of a book with a dedication from the author for the person who delivers their first set of correct answers to these 23 not easy questions. An additional prize (also a book with a dedication from the author) will be given to the person who first discovers the main rule of grammar consistently applied by the author, which is not found in any other Polish text. Names of the winners will be posted on our site.

Please send your responses to our e-mail: poczta@bosip.pl