Unraveling the Snake (All rights reserved.)     

   The story begins in the bedroom of one of the characters - a middle-aged man. It is unknown to us who he is. But most mysterious of all is his beautiful, young companion. The man, despite the satisfaction and intoxication of love experienced a moment ago, seems to be unhappy, confused, frustrated, almost on the verge of suicide.
   The enigma of this scene is retained until the end of the book. In reality, everything in the book becomes clear only after reading it in its entirety and again looking over the beginning.
   Because the story revolves in a circle, it gives the impression of continuity in the absence of a finale. This book can be read many times and from any page - like a bible.
   Another topic concerns the vicissitudes of a disabled inventor, who fell in love mutually with the daughter of a friend, and yet did not abandon his wife. We follow the fate of a woman who at the cost of obtaining a child from a chosen man trades herself in almost as a slave. We meet a freethinker-naturalist; a failure, who botches everything in his life; parents of advancing years - and lots and lots of various individuals with colorful histories and spicy stories connected to them.
   The hero of the novel is widely understood multigenerational family, described in the family tree. Besides, each character (from the main ones to ones only mentioned episodically) is characterized in the alphabetical list of persons, which aids orientation. Here appear successful people as well as the so-called victims of fate. They are supposedly ordinary, rather positive, but few deserve sympathy. As soon as we begin to identify with someone, suddenly out comes a compromising skeleton in the closet.
   This book is intended for adult readers, mature and thoughtful, as it addresses serious, difficult, and weighty topics, and includes sharp, very shocking scenes. They are essential, to let the reader know that he or she is treated seriously. Not as usual - using encyclopedic terms or phrases whose meaning the reader can only at best imagine. Despite the complete detachment of the place and time of action from any roots, one gets the impression that the author discusses and reveals all the moral problems of that society, both current and those yet to come ...
   Besides this, the novel reveals, explains, and brings closer many aspects of everyday life that consciously or unconsciously tend to be drowned, hushed, misrepresented, or reduced.